Ron DeSantis Makes INCREDIBLE Announcement – Historic Update

Ron DeSantis Claims Near-Complete Recovery of Florida Power Grid

Ron DeSantis Claims Near-Complete Recovery of Florida Power Grid

( – Hurricane Ian hit the west coast of Florida as a strong Category 4 storm on September 28, devastating communities and taking many lives. The aftermath of the natural disaster left millions without power, countless homes destroyed, and emergency crews working around the clock to help those in need. Before the hurricane hit, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) connected with President Joe Biden to discuss how the federal government was prepared to help the state prepare for what was to come.

On October 8, the Florida leader announced Fort Myers Beach residents can now return to their homes while thanking the workers who made access possible.

The State of Florida

DeSantis said more than 99% of residents now have power in The Sunshine State just 10 days after Ian ripped through the area. The only ones remaining in the dark, he said, were some who get their power from Lee County Electric Cooperative. During his speech, the governor acknowledged some residents will suffer a complete loss while others will have varying levels of damage. Structures too damaged to receive power will obviously be without, but at least those affected can return to their homes to assess the damage.

The order of business right now surrounds clean-up and rebuilding. Debris removal will continue to be an issue, but DeSantis said the electricity infrastructure in the Fort Myers Beach area overall fared “surprisingly well.” Florida county sheriffs put the death toll over 100, which eclipses Hurricane Andrew’s death toll of 65. As search and rescue operations continue, that number may rise.

Governor Efforts

Just days after the storm, DeSantis was traveling around the state to offer support for those affected by the hurricane and the crews working diligently to rescue local residents and restore power. On October 1, he stopped at a Waffle House in Charlotte County to serve breakfast to a group of linesmen.

The politician also delivered regular updates to the public about the aftermath of the storm. During a report on October 5, DeSantis said Biden approved additional funds to help the state and announced other programs in place to help suffering Florida communities. His wife, First Lady Casey DeSantis, said the Florida Disaster Fund had raised almost $35 million so far.

Deaths due to Hurricane Ian affected a wide age range of adults. It’s unclear how many residents are still missing. Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said officers were in the process of doing over “600 well-being checks,” and that’s only in one area.

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