Ron DeSantis Puts the Pressure on Joe Biden Over Cuba


( – Protests against the Cuban government are entering their third week, with pressure mounting on President Joe Biden to do more. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) whose state is home to more than 60% of the country’s Cuban population is calling on the commander-in-chief to take action. 

DeSantis’ Demand

On Wednesday, July 21, DeSantis appeared on Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s show. During the interview he talked about the ongoing crisis in Cuba. 

Hannity said the Cuban people are “showing incredible courage” by rising up against the communist government. He asked DeSantis what he thinks the president should be doing to help them. The governor said he should “step up and be on the side of freedom.” One of the ways to do that is by restoring internet access on the island. 

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel shutdown internet access on the island after blaming social media for the uprising. It allowed him to allegedly commit human rights violations without worrying about videos making their way onto television screens across the world. Activists have been begging the Biden administration to help restore the internet to the people on the island so they can get their messages out to the world. DeSantis said Biden hasn’t done that yet and his inaction is “leaving these folks high and dry.” 

Biden Sanctions Cuban Government

The Biden administration hasn’t done anything yet to directly help the people of Cuba. However, on Thursday, he did finally announce plans to sanction individuals in Díaz-Canel’s regime. 

The administration issued sanctions on Cuban Ministry of the Interior’s Special National Brigade and Alvaro Lopez Miera, the head of the Cuban armed forces. The measures are a result of their role in the crackdowns on protests on the island. There are reports of hundreds and even thousands of demonstrators being thrown in jail. 

In a statement to the press, Biden claimed his actions were “just the beginning” and pledged more sanctions in the future against the “individuals responsible for oppression of the Cuban people.”

Progressives have been calling on the administration to do the opposite. They want Biden to lift the Cuban embargo, blaming it for the food and medical shortages in the country. The Left has even gone as far as to blame former President Donald Trump for cracking down on the communists. Biden’s sanctions could be a signal that he is taking DeSantis and other Republicans seriously. Could he be ready to actually start helping?

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