Ron DeSantis Refuses to Recognize Trans Swimmer As NCAA Winner

Ron DeSantis Refuses to Recognize Trans Swimmer As NCAA Winner

( – On March 17, University of Pennsylvania’s Lia Thomas won the NCAA women’s 500-yard freestyle swimming event. She became the first transgender woman to win an NCAA championship. Not everyone was happy about her win. One governor refuses to recognize it at all.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed a proclamation announcing he would be recognizing Sarasota-native Emma Weyant, a student at the University of Virginia, as the real winner. Weyant came in second place at the NCAA event. She’s also a 2020 Olympic Silver Medalist for the USA Swim Team. DeSantis said the college sports organization is “making a mockery of its championships” and accused it of “perpetuating a fraud” by allowing a biological male to compete in women’s sports.

During a press conference on Tuesday, March 22, DeSantis said the NCAA is “trying to undermine the integrity of the competition.”

The NCAA requires male-to-female transgender athletes to take testosterone suppression medication for one year before they can compete on a female team. Thomas reportedly began undergoing hormone replacement therapy in 2019. Despite the therapy, Champion Women CEO Nancy Hogshead-Makar told Fox News it’s “not possible…to roll back male puberty.”

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