Ron DeSantis Requests Pay Increase for Law Enforcement

Ron DeSantis Requests Pay Increase for Law Enforcement

( – For more than a year, many prominent Democrats across the country have demanded cities and states defund the police. They believe law enforcement is a dangerous problem. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is taking a different approach.

On November 29, DeSantis announced new funding proposals equaling $400 million for the state’s law enforcement, special risk firefighters, and correctional officers. The proposals will provide bonuses of up to $5,000 for state and local officers. He is hoping the bonuses will help retain officers.

The governor emphasized Florida continues to “support the men and women in law enforcement” while other states are trying to defund the police.

He highlighted the details of his plan during a speech in Orlando and said he is proposing large, long-lasting measures to hire and retain the best law enforcement officers in America. Additionally, he plans to give first responders $1,000 bonuses for the second year in a row.

Over the last two years, officers have faced health issues because of COVID-19, hostile protests, angry citizens and pandering politicians. Their jobs are harder than ever before. Fortunately, DeSantis recognizes just how hard they’ve been working to keep his state safe. Will other governors follow his lead?

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