Ron DeSantis Sues Biden Administration Over Immigration Crisis

Ron DeSantis Sues Biden Administration Over Immigration Crisis

( – Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t held anything back when it comes to resisting Biden administration policies and pointing out its failures. He’s taken on the Centers for Disease Control over some of its mandates, and now he’s punching back at President Joe Biden’s failed response to the mounting immigration crisis.

On Thursday, September 28, DeSantis announced three “significant actions” taken by him and Republican Attorney General, Ashley Moody. First, he issued an executive order prohibiting Florida agencies from “facilitating illegal immigration” in the state.

Second, he appointed former U.S. Attorney Larry Keefe as the state’s Public Safety Czar to ensure proper enforcement of all executive orders. Lastly, he announced that Florida filed a lawsuit against Biden administration officials, challenging its “catch and release” program.

DeSantis told reporters that Moody filed the lawsuit on behalf of Floridians to address the “staggering number” of migrants apprehended at the border and subsequently allowed to enter the country while awaiting immigration court hearings.

Moody echoed that sentiment, adding that the Biden administration’s “brazen disregard” for immigration statutes jeopardized Floridians’ “safety” and that of the entire country. He continued to warn that Biden’s lax border policy served as “an open invitation” to human traffickers, drug traders and other dangerous criminals.

The nation’s southern border has seen an unprecedented wave of migrants since Biden assumed office earlier this year. What will it take to get Biden to wake up and take the appropriate measures to re-secure the US border?

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