Rudy Giuliani Confirms He Had a Meeting With Trump

( – Rudy Giuliani discussed his lengthy phone call with President Donald Trump on Oct. 3 during an appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend. Giuliani told the hosts the president discussed the importance of facing up to the COVID-19 illness and its impact on the American economy.

The president explained he had to cautiously begin going out to show America the way out of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. If he stayed holed up in the White House, “the whole economy would stay holed up.”


Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, said that was the way he felt after the Sept. 11, 2001, attack. He said he had to get out in front of the tragedy and lead.

Continuing, he explained he knew it would take time for the city to bounce back. He also acknowledged the risk of pushing the city to come out and get back to work so quickly. However, as Giuliani explained, “life has to go on, and we have to live with risk,” and the same thing holds true now.

Thank goodness the president is feeling better. A grateful nation needs his decisive leadership to guide them through reopening the country and restoring the American way of life and its economic might to its pre-pandemic greatness.

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