Rudy Giuliani Makes Move To Take Over Trump’s Election Lawsuits

( – President Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to realign his legal team’s power structure in the wake of numerous lawsuits alleging voting irregularities in multiple key battleground states. Never afraid to shake things up, he turned to a team of five loyalists to spearhead those efforts with longtime associate and friend Giuliani at the helm.

Other notable attorneys joining Giuliani include Gen. Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, and Trump campaign legal advisor Jenna Ellis. Former US Attorney Joseph diGenova and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Victoria Toensing rounded out the team.


Giuliani filed documents on November 17 in the US District Court of the Middle District of Pennsylvania, effectively taking over the Trump campaign’s legal battle in the state. In addition to Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign and Republican-led lawsuits continue winding their way through Georgia and Michigan courts.

Election results continue changing by the hour, and President Trump recently suggested “big cases” will be filed soon. We will keep you updated as new information arrives.

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