Rudy Giuliani Says Trump Can Sue Washington Post

Media outlets are ethically bound to verify information before its release and to “take responsibility” for the accuracy of its news coverage. Predictably, The Washington Post fell short on both accounts. If the past is any indication, it could cost them big time.

In short, The Washington Post published an article in early January falsely accusing then-President Donald Trump of attempting to pressure a Georgia election investigator. Georgia officials recently discovered a recording of the call proving The Post’s claims were false.

The paper published a lengthy correction, but Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Trump has cause to sue The Washington Post for its false reporting during a March 15 interview. Giuliani also pointed out the newspaper has a history of posting articles harmful to Trump.

Indeed, The Washington Post had to settle a $250 million lawsuit last year for publishing false information about a teenager.

The news media is supposed to provide fair and accurate news reports on issues of public interest. It’s not their role to promote an agenda or to falsely smear anyone’s reputation, much less that of a sitting president.

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