Russia Alters Constitution For Putin

Russia Alters Constitution For Putin

( – Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was set to step down from office in 2024. That was until the State Duma voted unanimously to amend the Russian constitution. Now, Putin could serve as president until 2036.

The amendments must pass through the country’s Constitutional Court still, and receive approval by referendum on April 22. If it does, the 67-year-old president would be allowed to run for reelection two more times. He’ll be 83 at the end of his last term — should he serve both of them.

Initially, Putin claimed to be against this measure, but decided to embrace the idea in a speech to the Duma Tuesday. This move has sparked a flurry of protest online, with Putin being labeled as a new czar or emperor. Critics of the Kremlin have gone so far as to call for protests in response.

Only time will tell, but Putin giving up the opportunity to serve another 16 years in office doesn’t seem likely.

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