Russia Deploys Fighter Jets Against US Bombers

Russian Fighter jet

( – When former President Donald Trump was in office, the US relations with Russia were relatively peaceful. The media constantly ragged on the ex-POTUS because he thought it was important to maintain a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It turned out to be good for America though, as there weren’t any serious conflicts or tensions between the two countries over those four years. There was mutual respect between the two leaders. Then President Joe Biden took office.

The US relationship with the former Soviet country has been incredibly tense since Biden took control. Putin recently made allegations against the American military, accusing it of encroaching on Russian territory.

Russia Confronts America

On Thursday, July 15, the Russian Defense Ministry said Su-35 and MiG-31 fighter jets were sent to the Bering Sea to accompany US Air Force’s B-52H strategic bombers. The ministry released a statement saying, “Russian airspace control devices over the neutral waters of the Bering Sea detected three air targets approaching the state border of the Russian Federation.”

Russia released footage of its fighter jets escorting an American bomber.

The latest incident comes just days after Russia claimed it intercepted a US spy plane over the Black Sea.

Allegations Against US and Britain

In June, Russia claimed its military fired warning shots at a British destroyer patrolling near Crimea, the Ukrainian territory it annexed during former President Barack Obama’s administration. The Russians accused the US and Britain of working together to test the country’s territorial boundaries.

UK officials said the British destroyer H.M.S. Defender deliberately sailed close to the coast of Crimea because it wanted to demonstrate that it believes Ukraine owns the territory. The British military denied the Russians ever fired a warning shot at the destroyer.

US Relations with Russia

Last month, Biden and Putin met for the first time since the US leadership changed hands. Both men said the meeting went well, but it’s clear the relationship is still tense. US intelligence agencies have said Russian-linked hackers are responsible for a number of disruptive cyberattacks in recent months. One of the attacks was on the Colonial Pipeline which supplies oil to much of the Southeast US.

When Biden met with Putin last month, he allegedly gave the Russian leader a list of targets that he did not want the hackers to hit in the US. The 46th president was widely condemned for all but giving the nation license to continue attacking other industries and businesses not on the list.

The cyberattacks coupled with the military encounters and allegations mark a dramatic shift in relations since Trump left office. Is it any wonder so many Americans can’t wait to have the former president back in the White House?

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