Russia Opening Case Against Google (REPORT)

( – US-based Google continues to find itself in the crosshairs of national and international regulatory agencies for various alleged unlawful business practices. Russian regulators joined the growing list of countries filing legal action against the high-tech company, targeting it for failing to remove banned websites from its search engine results.

Roskomnadzor, Russia’s federal service for the regulation of mass media and information technology services, announced the decision to file an administrative-level case on November 23. Google faces fines of up to nearly $66,000 if found in violation of Russian regulations. Russian authorities already fined Google about $20,000 in August for similar violations.

In addition to fines, Google also faces the prospect of having its service blocked altogether in Russia. Russian authorities already blocked Microsoft subsidiary LinkedIn in November 2016 for failing to store personal data for Russian users of the platform on Russian-based servers.

So far, Google has successfully resisted making any changes as a result of legal actions. The European Union fined the company almost $10 billion in 2018 for antitrust violations to no avail. The US government also filed charges against Google in October 2020, again with no resolution.

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