Russia Sentences Former US Marine

Russia Sentences Former US Marine

( – A Russian court sentenced a former US Marine this week to nine years in prison. The charges were the result of an alleged assault that took place last year. His family, however, is maintaining his innocence and now the US ambassador is speaking out against the sentencing.

The Case

In March, Trevor Reed’s family went public with his 2019 arrest. According to the former Marine’s family, he was arrested on trumped-up charges of assault on a police officer. The crime allegedly took place after a heavy night of drinking.

His father, Joey Reed, maintained his son’s innocence at the time and said the family had stayed quiet because they didn’t want the arrest to become political. The elder Reed only went public after he noticed the Russians seemed to have “a desire to keep” Trevor.

This week, Trevor finally had his day in court and the outcome was devastating. A Russian judge sentenced the 29-year-old to 9 years in prison.

Ambassador Sullivan Speaks Out

US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan was outraged by the sentence. He said Americans jailed in the former Soviet country are being treated unfairly and it’s becoming a problem.

Speaking to NBC News, President Trump’s appointee explained Reed’s punishment isn’t “a good story for US-Russia relations.” He went on to say American businesses and citizens aren’t going to want to invest or visit the country if they think they’ll be unjustly jailed like the former Marine.

ABC News reported Sullivan said the US “will not rest” until Reed is free to come back to America.

Reed is the second former Marine to be sentenced to a long prison sentence in the country. Paul Whelan was given 16 years in June on spying charges. The US believes he was set up by the Russians, and now there’s a concern officials in Moscow are targeting Americans.

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