Russian Government Fines Google for Not Deleting Content

Russian Government Fines Google for Not Deleting Content

( – Adding to existing tensions between the United States and the Russian Federation, a Moscow court on Monday fined Google, an American company, for failing to delete content deemed illegal within the Eastern European country.

The fine includes 3 million roubles, equivalent to $40,400 US dollars. However, this is not the first time Google is fined by the Russian government for repeatedly failing to meet their demands.

During the month of October alone, Google paid out more than 32 million roubles ($455,079) in fines while also failing to delete banned content at the time Russian authorities asked them to, according to Reuters. It appears a similar altercation occurred this past week.

Similarly, Russia warned Twitter of repeatedly failing to eliminate banned content shared on their social media platform. Allegedly, Twitter has a history of promoting questionable posts that included child pornography, drug abuse information, or posts that called for minors to commit suicide; all of which are deemed illegal content within the Eastern European country.

Russia took steps to slow down the app’s speed to discourage users from logging on as frequently, while also taking dibs at one of the world’s biggest social media companies, Reuters originally reported.

Although foreign countries’s attempts to reign in Big Tech seem to be ongoing, there’s no telling if these companies will actively work toward improving their reliability, or if they will cave in to foreign demands at all. With the way Big Tech companies respond to American authorities’ own regulatory attempts, it doesn’t seem very likely that they will take any actionable steps to abide by any laws, as long as they have the funds and the means to sidestep them worldwide.

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