Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Longtime Supreme Court Justice Dead at 87

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Longtime Supreme Court Justice Dead at 87
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( – In 1993, President Bill Clinton nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) to sit on the Supreme Court. She was confirmed that year and became the second woman in history to sit on the high court. Now, she’s gone.

The firebrand justice passed away on September 18 at the age of 87 from cancer. Millions of Americans are not only feeling her loss but are also recognizing she left a hole in the Supreme Court. Now, the country is left grappling with what’s next.

A Country Mourns

Justice Ginsburg was an icon on the court. She was often referred to as the female Justice Thurgood Marshall because she fought for women’s equality like Marshall fought for racial equality. And, although RBG was no friend of Conservatives, many respect the fact the justice always stood up for what she thought was right. Maybe that’s why she was such good friends with conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

When the news broke of Ginsburg’s death, President Trump offered his words of sympathy.

“She was an amazing woman, whether you agree or not she was an amazing woman who led an amazing life,” the president said.

What’s Next?

As the country mourns the loss of Justice Ginsburg, everyone recognizes a fight is imminent. She has left a vacancy on the court, and President Donald Trump now has the opportunity to nominate a justice for her seat.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) released a statement on Friday night saying he will bring the president’s nominee to the floor for a vote. This despite his comments in 2016 that a judge should not be put on the court in an election year.

Democrats will, no doubt, try everything in their power to stop that from happening. They will likely filibuster, but McConnell could use the nuclear option and push a justice through with a simple majority.

Republicans currently hold 53 seats in the Senate, enough to get President Trump’s nominee confirmed if the legislative body holds a vote.

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