Sanitation Workers in NY Suspended for Fake Vaccine Cards

Sanitation Workers in NY Suspended for Fake Vaccine Cards

( – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) has ordered all of the city’s workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine or risk losing their jobs. The mandate faced fierce backlash, but the Democratic mayor refused to back down. A group of city employees is in trouble after allegedly trying to circumvent the order.

The New York City Sanitation Department recently suspended three dozen workers for allegedly falsifying their COVID-19 vaccine cards to keep their jobs. According to reports, the employees submitted cards saying they had received Johnson & Johnson one-dose shots at CVS Pharmacy. However, it turned out the pharmacy in question stopped distributing that particular brand of vaccine six months ago.

Harry Nespoli, president of Teamsters Local 831, told the New York Post he doesn’t know all of the details but confirmed an investigation into the alleged fake cards. He said, while the union doesn’t support unlawful behavior, the city’s decision to fire workers over their personal health decisions is a slap in the face. Nespoli asked if the city forgot what these workers did to “keep [NYC] afloat when [COVID-19] was at its peak.”

It certainly seems as though de Blasio has forgotten. Instead of trying to help the city’s heroes maintain employment, many will be sitting at home, suspended without pay before the holidays.

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