Scam Targeting Trump Supporters Resurfaces

( – Donald Trump has been relatively quiet since leaving office. However, he made an unannounced visit to a campaign event for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is running for governor of Arkansas. Recently, he encouraged individuals to donate directly to his political action committee, Save America PAC, instead of to other entities.

March 15, Politico reported it had received several robocalls from groups claiming they were raising money on Trump’s behalf.

Politico spoke to some of the telemarketers behind the calls. One of them claimed to be operating on behalf of a Campaign to Support Republican Leaders, and another said the calls originated from the Campaign to Support the President.

After a little digging, Politico determined that a group called Support American Leaders PAC appeared to be behind the calls. Politico already investigated the group during the 2020 campaign and determined it had no “actual ties” to Trump. Things got so bad that the Trump campaign eventually had to disavow the group.

Fundraising scams are nothing new. If you want to donate to Donald Trump’s official PAC, you can do so at

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