Schools Now Teaching Children to Hate One Another

( – School may be out for the summer, but as Fox News recently reported, Critical Race Theory (CRT) isn’t. Portland, Oregon public school teachers recently started anti-racism training that is “steeped” in CRT training according to internal school district documents it received from a whistleblower.

Fox & Friends First host Rob Schmitt sat down for an in-depth interview with Every Black Life Matters founder Kevin McGary on July 1 to discuss Portland’s mandatory teacher training program.

Schmitt kicked off the interview by asking McGary how frustrated or frightened Americans should be about teachers undergoing this kind of training program.

McGrary responded that every parent, teacher, and educator should be concerned because exposing children to CRT education is “literally teaching them… to hate one another.” Continuing, he explained that children are particularly vulnerable to CRT because educators are exposing them to the theory “before they are able to form their own opinions” on important matters.

According to McGrary, exposing children to CRT is a form of child abuse. Teaching CRT encourages children to not accept each other and runs counter to Dr. Martin Luther King’s teaching to judge people on the content of their character.

Fortunately, Republican legislators at the state and federal level and Republican governors are pushing back. As of June 30, 23 state legislatures have introduced some form of legislation barring the teaching of CRT in schools, with 9 states having passed their versions of the bills.

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