Seattle Residents Decry “Radical” Defund the Police Movement

Seattle Residents Decry

( – In June, a group of anarchists took control of a six-block area in downtown Seattle. What happened next is exactly what you’d expect when the police aren’t allowed to do their jobs: chaos erupted. The City Council soon pledged to cut the law enforcement budget. Now, residents are fighting back.

On July 29, hundreds of residents spoke out against the “defund the police” movement at a City Council budget meeting. One person said it’s a “radical experiment that will hurt the vulnerable.” The Seattle Police Officers Guild told local leaders that more than 20,000 have signed a petition asking that the law enforcement budget remain intact. On Twitter, the union declared it was up to 40,000.

The residents’ support of the police is a sentiment held across the country. According to a Pew poll, 73% of Americans believe funding for officers should stay the same, or increase. They understand that without the proper allocation of funds, law enforcement can’t do its job. When will Democrats get that through their heads?

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