Seattle Votes on Recall of Socialist City Councilmember

Seattle Votes on Recall of Socialist City Councilmember

( – Kshama Sawant became the highest-profile representative of the Marxist-aligned Socialists Alternative party when she first won a seat on Seattle’s city council in late 2013. However, all that could be coming to an end, depending on the outcome of a recent recall election.

Seattle voters headed to the polling stations on Tuesday, December 7, to decide Sawant’s future on the council. As of the evening of December 9, the vote count was too close to call with only about 200 of more than 40,000 votes separating the two sides.

A group calling itself Recall Sawant accused her of misusing her position and city resources. According to the group, she used $2,000 of city funds to promote a ballot initiative and other electioneering measures.

The recall group also claims she unlawfully admitted hundreds of people into City Hall for a political demonstration in June 2020 and led a protest march to the mayor’s private residence the following month, committing felony harassment.

Win or lose, the close vote could indicate that Seattle, a long-time Democratic stronghold, could start leaning more to the right in future elections — perhaps, even turning purple. One can only hope!

We will keep you updated on the election status as more precincts report their numbers.

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