Secret Recording Exposes Democratic Governor Criticizing Mayorkas

( – Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been under constant fire for his perceived failures at the Southern border. The House passed articles of impeachment against him, which promptly died in the Senate. However, it seems that it’s not just Republicans upset with Mayorkas. One notable Democrat has made her feelings clear in a recently published audio file.

On April 25, user @idontexistTore posted an audio file on X, formerly Twitter, of Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM) speaking to someone identified only as a “high-level federal administration official.” Most of the conversation revolves around the cannabis industry in New Mexico, particularly Lujan Grisham’s frustration with federal officials seizing state-licensed marijuana. According to POLITICO, the amount taken by US Customs and Border Protection officers has exceeded $300,000.

The New Mexico governor escalated the issue to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, with whom she expressed frustration during the call. Mayorkas reportedly told Lujan Grisham, “Who cares? They make a lot of money,” when she told him about the seizures, a comment she believed to be “really inappropriate.”

That led Grisham to allegedly threaten to send a letter “saying [Mayorkas is] persecuting the states … not using [his] discretion, [and] not working with [her] on immigration.” She said she feels she might not have any other choice because she’s “boxed in.”

The governor’s spokesperson, Michael Coleman, said that “Mayorkas assured [Lujan Grisham] that federal policies with respect to legalized cannabis have not changed.” However, she notes that her state is the only one that lets “baby producers in,” likely referring to start-ups that have a lot to lose if CBP officers seize their product. Several businesses have already petitioned New Mexico’s Congress to broker to allow shipments to pass through in order to help save investments and jobs.

Lujan Grisham’s office confirmed that the audio call is real but did not reveal who she was speaking to. Mayorkas has not commented on its contents.

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