Secret Service Responds with Gunfire as Biden’s Granddaughter’s SUV is Ambushed

( – The Secret Service protects President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, their children, and grandchildren. One of those grandkids is Naomi Biden, the daughter of Hunter Biden. Recently, her Secret Service agents took action after an attempted break-in.

On November 12, Naomi’s Secret Service agents were out with her in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC, when they noticed something suspicious. Three suspects were reportedly trying to break into an unoccupied SUV that belonged to her detail. Details about what happened are slim at this time. Unnamed officials told reporters that the individual broke a window in the SUV, and one of the Secret Service agents opened fire.

The Associated Press reported the Secret Service issued a statement saying the agent did not strike any of the suspects when they fired their service weapon. The suspects fled the scene in a red car, and the agency issued an alert to other law enforcement agencies in the region to keep an eye out for the vehicle.

The DC Metropolitan Police Department is now helping the Secret Service investigate the crime. No suspects have been arrested at this time.

Carjackings have become a familiar occurrence in Washington, DC. In October, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) said he was carjacked while in the capital. According to the congressman, he was in the Navy Yard when three men came out of nowhere and forcefully stole his vehicle. The suspects were armed and wearing masks.

The 68-year-old congressman told reporters he wasn’t injured in the incident, but he was mad because the thieves stole his sushi. Law enforcement later recovered his vehicle. At the time, his carjacking was at least the 754th to occur in the city in 2023.

Police reported that armed carjackings are not uncommon. Approximately 75% of those crimes that occur in the nation’s capital are carried out by armed assailants. That creates a dangerous situation in a city with millions of people and hundreds of public officials and dignitaries.

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