Senate Republicans Coming For Obama Officials

Senate Republicans Coming For Obama Officials

( – Over the last few months, a lot of information has come to light hinting that former President Barack Obama’s administration may have been targeting the Trump Campaign in 2016. The evidence was so compelling the Department of Justice (DOJ) dropped a case against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Republicans in the Senate want to get to the bottom of this and they’re one step closer to finding all the facts.

On June 4, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted to allow Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) to issue subpoenas for former Obama officials. With this, the committee leader won’t need to hold a vote every time he wants to issue one.

Johnson doesn’t believe actions taken by the Obama Administration during the transition weren’t “peaceful and cooperative.”

The investigation into the Obama Administration is heating up. Lawmakers want answers and it looks like they’re going to do their best to get them. Hopefully, everything will come out before the November election.

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