Senator Cramer’s Son in Police Chase Ends with Deputy’s Death

( – Senator Kevin Cramer (R-SD) has served in the US Senate since 2019. He has been relatively quiet during his freshman term. However, he’s now made the news after his son was accused of causing the death of a law enforcement officer.

On December 6, 42-year-old Ian Cramer, the senator’s son, was involved in a high-speed car chase. The senator released a statement saying the incident began when his wife, Kris Creamer, drove their son to an emergency room because he was having a mental health crisis. Senator Cramer explained that Ian suffers from severe “mental disorders which manifest in severe paranoia and hallucinations.”

Ian told his mother he wanted to go with his late brother Ike. Mrs. Cramer took him to the Sanford Health ER in Bismark, North Dakota. When she got there, she stepped out of the vehicle, and Ian jumped into the driver’s seat and stole the car. Mrs. Cramer called authorities, and they were able to find him in Mercer County, with the help of the family.

According to reports, Ian then led authorities on a chase on the highway. Mercer County Deputy Paul Martin, 53, ran into the road and laid down a tire deflation device to bring the chase to an end. The senator’s son slammed into Martin’s parked vehicle at more than 100 miles per hour as the deputy was taking cover behind it. The impact hit the deputy and threw him about 100 feet away, killing him.

Authorities took Ian to the hospital and then arrested him. He was charged with a slew of offenses, including manslaughter. South Central District Judge Bobbi Weiler set a $500,000 cash bond and ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation.

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement saying Martin’s death broke their hearts. He is survived by his wife, children, grandchildren, and a grieving community.

Senator Cramer said his family is grieving for the loved ones “of the hero who tried to help Ian” and asked the public to pray for them as well.

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