Senator Hawley Rejects Six Of Biden’s Cabinet Members

Washington, DC USA 1 8 2021

( – Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) went from being a relatively unknown lawmaker, to a rising star in the GOP. He was the first senator to say he’d object to the Electoral College ballots in states where there were allegations of voter fraud. Now, he’s leading a one-man resistance against President Joe Biden’s terrible Cabinet picks.

On Tuesday, February 2, Hawley voted against Biden’s pick for secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. His “nay” vote marked the sixth time he’d opposed the Democrat’s nominees for cabinet positions, and he became the only senator to vote against every one of the president’s picks.

Hawley has had reasons for voting no on the nominees; he isn’t doing it just for fun. For example, he rejected Mayorkas because he had not “adequately explained” how he planned to secure the border and enforce federal law while Biden pushes for amnesty. The senator is standing his ground and doing what he can to protect the country he has taken an oath to protect, and that’s unlikely to change.

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