Senator Urges ObamaBidenGate Investigation

Senator Urges ObamaBidenGate Investigation

( – The more information of former President Barack Obama’s investigation into retired General Michael Flynn comes out, the more disturbing it is. Now the tables are turning on President Donald Trump’s predecessor. And if one senator has his way, Obama’s going to have to answer for his decisions.

On May 13, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) told the hosts of “Fox and Friends” he wants a special counsel to launch a “full-fledged” investigation into the Obama Administration. The senator believes the former president and the FBI spied on the Trump Campaign and “misled the FISA court.”

There should absolutely be an investigation into the former president’s decisions to target the Trump transition team. What possible reason could he have had to listen in on Flynn’s phone calls? Something isn’t right.

Obama needs to learn nobody is above the law, not even him.

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