Senior Al Qaeda Leader Killed by Drone Strike

Senior Al Qaeda Leader Killed by Drone Strike

( – Since the twin towers fell in Manhattan on September 11, 2001, thousands of US drones have flown from the United States to their intended targets in the Middle East to kill al Qaeda terrorists and eliminate threats to America without requiring in-person troops. That’s exactly what happened on September 20 this year, when a drone strike near Idlib, Syria, took out senior al Qaeda leader Salim Abu-Ahmad.

The terrorist, who planned, financed, and approved al Qaeda terror attacks overseas, was hiding in Syria, a Middle Eastern country known for harboring members of radical Islamic groups.

The region is not shy about its support for terrorist organizations, with US intelligence locating multiple operatives hiding out in the area. In this case, the radical leader was traveling by car in a rural part of the country when the US drone struck, terminating his life immediately. The strike split his vehicle in two, and emergency workers left in an orchard after removing his body.

Fortunately, Navy Lieutenant Josie Lynne Lenny assured the public there were no “civilian casualties.” Considering a recent tragic drone strike on August 29 accidentally killed 10 innocent people in Kabul, Afghanistan, this is a major step in ensuring civilians are not affected further by the ongoing war on terrorism.

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