Senior Migration Adviser Leaving White House

Senior Migration Adviser Leaving White House

( – President Joe Biden prioritized reversing former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies upon assuming office. On his very first day, he canceled Trump’s emergency declaration at the nation’s southern border and terminated funding for the future construction of the border wall. Now, he’s facing staffing issues that could adversely impact the future of his immigration policies.

On Monday, December 13, Tyler Moran confirmed her departure from the White House. She served as Biden’s senior migration advisor beginning in July and said she plans to leave at the end of January 2022.

Moran replaced Amy Pope, who also served as a deputy assistant to former President Barack Obama and as Deputy Homeland Security Advisor. Roberta Jacobson, Biden’s coordinator for the nation’s southern border, also left the administration earlier this year after serving only about 100 days.

Biden administration officials claim none of the advisors planned to stay very long when they took the position, begging the question — why appoint them to critical roles in the first place.

Setting aside Biden’s problems retaining staffers, one has to wonder if the administration has made any progress whatsoever in shaping its approach to immigration. It’s not like Vice President Kamala Harris has spent any time at the border.

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