She’s 101 and Still Going Strong

She's 101 and Still Going Strong

( – It is probably safe to say that most people dream of a long, productive life. Making it to 100 years old would be an incredible accomplishment; living beyond that age would be even better. While plenty of Americans are a century or more old, few are like Maine’s Virginia Oliver.

People would never know Ms. Oliver is 101-years-old — at least, not judging by her energy level. You can often catch her on a boat with her 78-year-old son Max, catching lobsters along the state’s rocky coast.

Oliver uses a boat that once belonged to her late husband to tend to her traps off the coast of Rockland, Maine. She has been catching the sea critters since WWII and hasn’t stopped. “I’ve done it all my life, so I might as well keep doing it,” she told the Associated Press.

Although Oliver loves doing the sometimes back-breaking work, she said she is worried about her state’s lobster population. She isn’t wrong to worry. Overfishing, climate change, and other factors are making for an uncertain future for the cockroaches of the sea. Once a working-class staple, the crustaceans are now known as a delicacy.

In the meantime, Oliver has no plans to slow down. She’s just getting started.

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