Shocking COVID Test Results

Shocking COVID Test Results

( – COVID-19 is extremely contagious. That’s how the deadly virus became a global pandemic so quickly. The scientific community has been working tirelessly to learn as much as they can about this coronavirus in order to help leaders control the spread. Now, lab tests in Iceland are suggesting an alarming number of people may have it and not even know.

Iceland has been conducting large-scale testing of COVID-19 in hopes of using the data to control the virus. A pharmaceutical company, deCODE Genetics, has tested roughly 9,000 volunteers who aren’t in quarantine or showing symptoms. Running tests on people who aren’t sick or isolated allows scientists to understand how the coronavirus spreads.

Dr. Kári Stefánsson, deCODE Genetics’ founder, told CNN about 50% of the people (only 1% of the 9,000) who tested positive had no symptoms. The tests confirmed other studies that show some people carry the illness but don’t fall ill from it.

Right now, in order to get a test for COVID-19 in the US, people have to be exhibiting symptoms. If the data out of Iceland is right, and up to half of the people who have the illness are asymptomatic, that means we could have a whole lot of super spreaders walking around.

The study also makes it clear that we should run tests on more than just the people who show a specific set of symptoms. Officials in the US have to rethink the way they’re handling this issue, otherwise, there’s little hope we’ll contain the virus any time soon. This is also why it’s so important that every American listen to President Donald Trump and practice social distancing.

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