Sidney Powell Has Big Announcement for Nation: More Proof Is Coming

( – On February 22, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the Pennsylvania election cases. However, not everyone on the high court agreed; Justices Gorsuch, Alito and Thomas dissented. In fact, Justice Thomas issued a scathing dissent, vehemently disagreeing with the majority.

After the ruling came down, Attorney Sidney Powell issued a statement on Telegram promising former President Donald Trump’s voters that “irrefutable proof is coming soon.” She said that they should “keep educating” others about the facts of the election and although the SCOTUS decision wasn’t what she wanted, she won’t “let this fraud stand.”

The high court may not have listened to those cases, but that doesn’t mean the fight to protect America’s elections is over. While Powell fights at the judicial level, voters can push their representatives to pass laws that will ensure their votes count. It has to be a battle on all fronts if we want to succeed in protecting our Republic.

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