Sidney Powell Says Supreme Court Has Docketed Michigan And Georgia Cases

( – The election results in Georgia and Michigan are highly disputed. President Donald Trump has repeatedly called on officials to find out what happened in those states. His attorney Rudy Giuliani testified in front of both states’ legislatures about irregularities in their elections. Still, no court has taken their cases seriously. But the highest court in the country may have decided finally to listen.

Sidney Powell’s Announcement

On December 17, Sidney Powell, the Republican attorney who has been fighting the election results in Georgia and Michigan said she noticed something hopeful. The Supreme Court has reportedly docketed the cases brought forward by her team.

Unfortunately, the court wasn’t interested in hearing cases disputing results in Arizona and Wisconsin. The attorney said the cases were rejected without explanation and the SCOTUS clerk refused to explain why the court made that decision. After Congress certifies the vote, it will become official.

If any of these lawsuits succeed in the Supreme Court, they could invalidate the election in one or all of the states. Even if all of the suits fail, members could still put forth objections that could invalidate the Electoral College votes. There has been a discussion that another set of electors for disputed states may have submitted their votes, as well. Theoretically, that action could turn this around, and Trump could win.

There’s so much that can happen between now and January 6th. The best thing that the American people can do is continue calling their representatives to make sure they know you want them to stop the steal.

Organizing events in your cities is also a great way to make politicians listen, and that’s the key. If citizens can make their representatives hear their voices, they could stop the Left from pushing Joe Biden into the Oval Office and passing their radical agenda.

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