Sister of Pop Star Tragically Confirmed as Homicide Victim

( – Guyanese pop star Jourdin Pauline’s sister was found dead in her Los Angeles high-rise apartment. The family went without answers for weeks. However, now authorities know how she died.

Pauline is a popular pop singer in Guayana, a country in South America. Although she’s a star in the other country, that isn’t where her family raised her. They moved to Los Angeles when she was 6 years old. She and her sister, Maleesa Mooney, grew up in Hyde Park.

In September, LAPD officers went to Mooney’s apartment after receiving a call from her family for a welfare check. When they entered her fifth-floor apartment, they noticed food that should have been in the refrigerator was on the counter. They opened the fridge and found the 31-year-old inside. She was gagged, and her ankles and wrists were bound with clothing and cords.

On October 18, the medical examiner in LA released the autopsy report on Mooney. According to its findings, Mooney died by homicide. A piece of clothing was wrapped around her neck when authorities discovered her body. She also suffered blunt force injuries to her neck and head. She had a triangular-shaped cut on her forehead and abrasions from the bindings.

The report also stated that Mooney tested positive for cocaine, but the medical examiner wasn’t sure what role, if any, drugs played in her death.

According to police, surveillance video shows Mooney arriving home on September 5 with a man. The next day, video footage captured her in the elevator. That was the last image of her alive. On September 7, a man was seen using Mooney’s security key to access the elevators. He had plastic bags with him.

Anyone with information about Mooney’s death should contact LAPD Central Bureau Homicide Detectives Marcinek or Pierce at 213-996-4150. During non-business hours, they should call 877-527-3247.

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