Smoke-Filled Ryanair Flight in Stockholm Leads to Chaotic Evacuation of 200 Passengers

( – The last thing hundreds of people on a plane want to see is smoke in the cabin. After all, it’s not the 1980s anymore, and smoking is not allowed on flights. That’s what happened on a recent flight, and the pilot was forced to evacuate everyone onboard.

On December 10, some 189 passengers were aboard a Ryanair flight on a Buzz Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 when the pilots fired up the engines at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Suddenly, the cabin filled with smoke. The passengers, who were headed to Krakow, were forced to evacuate the plane.

Videos posted on social media showed the chaos. An inflatable slide was deployed so the passengers could quickly deplane. They slid down the slide onto the snowy ground and to safety.

A spokesperson for Ryanair said Buzz engineers were inspecting the plane to find out what caused the cabin to fill with smoke. The airline apologized to the passengers and handed out refreshment vouchers to those who were forced to deplane.

Two days later, on December 12, Ryanair flight FR 1249 was traveling from Manchester to Tenerife South when a “Code Red” alert was triggered at Faro International Airport in Portugal. The flight was reportedly west of Faro, near the Canary Islands, when the pilot had to divert.

According to reports, the plane experienced a malfunction and had to make an emergency landing. More than 70 first responders were deployed to meet the plane, including 30 emergency vehicles, police, firefighters, and others. Approximately 164 people were on the aircraft at the time. Fortunately, none of them were injured.

The incidents happened a week after another Ryanair plane made an emergency landing at Faro airport after the pilot fell ill. That flight was headed from London to Morocco. In July, a Ryanair flight was stuck on the tarmac for 10 hours. The plane had no air conditioning, and temperatures were more than 100 degrees, causing some passengers to pass out.

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