Son Arrested After Posting Video Holding Father’s Severed Head

( – A California father took his two kids to Mexico and allegedly killed them in 2021 over conspiracy theories that made him believe they had serpent DNA. Five years earlier, a man stormed a pizza parlor in Washington, DC, after the internet convinced him it was a front for human trafficking. Now, a Pennsylvania man is accused of murdering his father, whom he labeled a “traitor.”

On January 30, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office issued a press release about a homicide in the Middletown Township. According to authorities, 68-year-old Michael F. Mohn’s wife, Denice Mohn, called 911 and reported her husband dead. 

Reports indicate that when Middletown Township Police arrived at the home, they found the victim dead in the bathroom. The body was missing its head. Officers found the victim’s head in a plastic bag inside a cooking pot that was in a bedroom next to the bathroom. There was a large kitchen knife and a machete in the bathtub. The police also found bloody rubber gloves in the bedroom where the head was located.

Authorities immediately began looking for the couple’s son, Justin Mohn. They found him later that day and took him into custody.

Mohn allegedly posted a 14-minute YouTube video where he held up the plastic bag containing a head. He said it was his father’s, “a federal employee of over 20 years,” who he believed would be in “hell for an eternity as a traitor to his country.” The 33-year-old went on a rant that included conspiracy theories. He called for militia members across the country to unite and kill federal workers.

Mohn had previously filed three lawsuits against the US government over his student loan debt. 

In the video where he’s accused of decapitation, Mohn railed against Black Lives Matter, immigration, Antifa, and other people on the Left. He also said the US was being run by traitors. 

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