Soros Backed DA Announces EXTREME Law Overhaul (REPORT)

( – Throughout the 2020 election, super PACs connected to George Soros poured millions into district attorney races across the country. Many Republicans believed it was part of a larger attempt by the billionaire to reform the justice system at the local level. And it looks like that’s exactly what one of the DAs is trying to do.

On December 7, George Gascon, LA’s newly elected DA, announced plans to overhaul the criminal justice system in the city. He plans to

  • stop pursuing the death penalty;
  • end the practice of transferring minors to adult court;
  • no longer use three-strikes sentencing;
  • end cash bail for non-violent and misdemeanors; and
  • retroactively end sentence enhancements.

The radical agenda is exactly in-line with what Leftists have been pushing for years. This is exactly what conservatives feared would happen if Soros’ candidates won their races. Is the city going to be less safe? Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait and see.

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