Spanish Police Officers Jump Into Frozen Waters to Save Dog

Spanish Police Officers Jump Into Frozen Waters to Save Dog

( – Police officers all around the world choose the profession to keep people safe. They put their uniforms on every day and do just that. Sometimes they go above and beyond to rescue people — and pets.

On December 8, Spain’s Guardia Civil released a video showing two police officers in Canfranc, Spain jumping into a frozen reservoir to save a dog. A cold front hit the area the day before, bringing treacherous conditions with it. Residents were warned to stay off the roads because of the danger from the storm. Those are the conditions the officers faced when they arrived on the scene.

Before the policemen entered the frigid water, they stripped their shirts off. One of them used a large stick to navigate in the icy water to get to the dog that he then handed off to another officer.

The dog fell into the frozen reservoir by accident. Its owner reportedly tried to rescue the dog but wasn’t about to get into the water. Police said by the time they got there the animal had been in the water for hours. It’s unclear how the animal is doing now. The officers who risked their lives to save the exhausted animal have not been named.

As the old saying goes: not all heroes wear capes.

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