Special Forces Leader: Color Revolution Tactics Being Used Against Trump

(ReliableNews.org) – A relatively new term, color revolution refers to rebellions designed to topple existing governments. It came into widespread use after the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.

These kinds of uprising usually involve non-violent measures like manipulation of public opinion through mainstream media outlets. Social and political unrest in the form of strikes and protests also characterize color revolutions.

An anonymous former special forces officer told Epoch Times that events surrounding the recent presidential election were part of a classic color revolution strategy to “affect regime change,” or overthrow the administration of President Donald Trump. Published on December 11, the article details Democratic efforts to undermine the president.

According to the unnamed officer, Marxist elements operating within the Democratic party worked to undermine the Constitution’s stability by undermining the administration of a lawful election. This individual also said that Democrats and other anti-Trump forces’ tactics came straight out of a special force guide for overthrowing governments.

This individual’s allegations certainly raise many questions considering the recent uprisings engulfing Democratic-led cities and all the chaos surrounding allegations of voting irregularities. Let’s hope the Supreme Court puts a swift end to the controversy before it tears America apart.

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