Set Your Car Insurance By‑the‑Mile

Most people overpay for car insurance and don’t realize it.

Even if you shop around comparing rates from the 10 best companies, there’s still ONE easier way to cut your rates way down!

If you don’t work far from home and simply spend less time on the road than the typical road warrior, then ONE company will set your rates based on mileage. MetroMile will adjust your rates so you don’t have to pay for mileage you’re not using.

For example, if you only drive 5,000 miles per year, you could save $500, according to MetroMile’s estimations.

Most drivers overpay for car insurance to make up for the losses of those who drive more, according to MetroMile.

This program is especially ideal for people who drive less than 30 miles a day or about 200 miles a week.

Click: See My MetroMile Quote

Pocket The Savings!

See My MetroMile Quote

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