State Attorney General Takes on Google

( – Frustrated state officials continue filing lawsuits against big tech companies like Google for its unfair business practices from coast to coast. Google currently faces two lawsuits filed by multiple state attorneys general and one by the Department of Justice filed in late 2020. French authorities recently scored a decisive courtroom victory over Google, setting up a possible preview of coming attractions for Google’s immediate future in US courtrooms.

On Tuesday, June 8, Ohio’s Republican Attorney General Dave Yost filed a lawsuit against Google. His suit “asks the court to declare Google a public utility service” so state regulators can oversee its operations.

Yost’s complaint alleged that Google leveraged its dominant position as an online search engine to promote its products over those of its competitors in its “organic search results.” Its actions “intentionally disadvantage[d] competitors,” and such behavior gives Google an unfair market advantage over rivals, the suit claimed.

A spokesperson for Google shot back, claiming Ohio’s lawsuit would worsen Google search results, making it harder for small companies to connect with potential customers directly.

Ohio is the first US state to bring such a lawsuit against the internet giant, but the suit does resemble the one successfully argued in France.

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