State Faces 2nd Largest Fire in History

State Faces Largest Fire in History

( – As of August 9, the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) reported that 108 current wildfires or complexes have burned nearly 2.4 million acres of land across 15 states. More than 3.6 million acres have burned so far this year. Particularly concerning are two California wildfires that merged in late July.

The Dixie Fire started in northern California’s Sierra Nevada region on July 13 and merged with the Fly Fire on July 22, making it California’s second-largest wildfire in recorded history. Some sites like The Weather Channel have reported the Dixie Fire as the largest in California history.

However, as of August 10 at midnight it has burned 489,287 acres and the August Complex Fire of 2020 burned a total of 1,032,648 acres according to the official stats posted by the NIFC.

So far, 5,137 firefighters have contained 21% of it. The NFIC estimates it will take until Monday, August 30, to fully contain the fire. The wildfire is currently located approximately 15 miles northeast of Paradise, California.

In addition to lost acreage, the Dixie Fire has forced the evacuation of thousands of individuals, caused major structural damage, and forced several road closures. In addition, the air quality in nearby communities has been deemed unsafe due to smoke saturation. Fortunately, authorities haven’t reported any fatalities as a result of the blaze.

The cause of the Dixie Fire remains unknown at this time. The NFIC warns that “Evacuation Warnings and Mandatory Evacuation orders are constantly changing.” So, be sure to visit its website for the blaze’s current location and Projected Incident Activity.

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