State Finds 177,000 Voters Removed After Claiming Biden Won

( – The Michigan poll results were among the most disputed in the country during the 2020 election results. Former President Donald Trump’s campaign provided the state legislature with allegations of voter fraud in the state. During a December hearing, Rudy Giuliani even brought witnesses forward to testify about the allegations. 

Unfortunately, despite the concerns, the state legislature certified the election, saying Joe Biden won by 154,000 votes. However, a decision by Michigan’s secretary of state is raising eyebrows. 

177,000 Fewer Voters

In late January, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson removed 177,000 voters from Michigan’s rolls. The move came after a fight with the Honest Elections Project. The head of the watchdog group, Jason Snead, said the decision to remove the voters will help to “combat any allegations of voter fraud.” He went on to say that leaving the people on the rolls would have made it hard to distinguish real fraud allegations from fake ones. 

The people who were taken off the rolls were people who live in other states now or those who did not respond to requests for information about their addresses. Benson claimed her state is trying to “strengthen” its election protocols. 

Questions Arise

As mentioned, Biden’s win was certified with a 154,000 margin, but 177,000 people were thrown off the voter rolls. Did any of those people who were booted from the rolls vote in the election? Did the state check their names against a list of voters? Is it possible the state quietly erased Biden’s margin?

These are all questions state officials should answer if they truly want to restore faith in the process. Right now too many Republicans believe their voices aren’t being heard. That’s not just bad for Michigan, it is bad for the country. During federal elections, what voters do in one state impacts voters in all of the states. 

It’s more important now than ever that states do what needs to be done to secure their elections.

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