Stephen Moore Says Joe Biden’s COVID Plan Will Kill 4 Million Jobs

( – America suffered through two major disasters in the 1900s, the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918, and the Great Depression of the 1930s. Now the country is suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under President Donald Trump’s decisive leadership, the country started rebounding from the pandemic, with 2020 experiencing a third-quarter economic output surge of more than 7%.

However, by all accounts, Joe Biden’s nearly $2 trillion COVID-19 rescue plan will have a devastating impact on the nation, particularly when it comes to jobs.

FreedomWorks economist Stephen Moore wrote an article for Fox News explaining that he and University of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan ran the numbers and estimated the Biden plan would cost the nation at least 4 million jobs.

According to Moore, the plan is similar to the $900 billion stimulus package deployed by Biden and Barack Obama in 2009. Figures from the Obama White House showed the plan led to the loss of more jobs than would have happened had the administration done nothing.

President Trump’s COVID-19 recovery plan has a proven record of success. There’s no reason for Biden to step in like a new sheriff in town and reverse the progress the country has already experienced.

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