Steve Bannon Wants Trump Supporters To Pause Spending

( – Democrats and the media have been blaming President Donald Trump and his supporters for the Capitol Hill unrest for more than a week. They have continued to push this narrative even though there are several reports that agitators on the Left may have been there stirring up trouble. This has caused many conservatives to face unnecessary retaliation, and one of Trump’s former advisers is telling the Right what they should do to get through it.

On January 12, Steve Bannon called on Trump supporters to stop spending money in the wake of the Capitol Hill incident. He spoke about it on his show “War Room: Pandemic,” and said they should only buy essential items for the immediate future. By pausing their spending, voters can prove their “dollars count even more” than their votes.

Bannon said the “MAGA world is going to” hibernate. In doing so, they will show America how important they are to the country. After all, as sad as it is, money makes the world go ‘round and President Donald Trump’s supporters are hardworking people who enjoy boosting the economy. What they don’t like is when people take advantage of them and it seems the Democratic Party is doing a lot of that recently.

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