Stimulus Check Mistake Creating Serious Legal Chaos

( – President Joe Biden has been doing his best to flood the US economy with COVID-19 relief money. Unfortunately, his administration prioritized speed over efficiency when it came to distributing those funds. That decision has turned out to create a major legal crisis worldwide.

NRP reported on June 5 that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is experiencing “legal mayhem overseas” as a result of its distribution of more than a billion dollars in COVID-19 relief money overseas.

The Bank of Guam recently helped the IRS recover over $400,000 in payments to individuals from the island nation of Micronesia who weren’t eligible to receive them. Those efforts have been successful to a certain extent, but there have been some problems along the way.

Several US citizens who pay their annual taxes to the IRS ended up having their money seized and transferred back to the IRS in error. Several lawsuits have been filed against the Bank of Guam by individuals claiming the IRS lacked legal jurisdiction over the bank.

While things remain chaotic in Micronesia and other countries, the operative question remains the same. What is the Biden administration doing to prevent a repeat of this kind of issue in the future should Congress pass additional coronavirus aid packages?

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