Strengthening Security In American Cities – Why It’s Important

( – Just as the US was getting used to staying home because of the pandemic last year, far-Left agitators took to the streets and caused chaos. American cities were under siege for months as violent protesters called for cities to defund the police while they burned buildings down and looted businesses.

The calls to defund law enforcement agencies grew louder as the 2020 race heated up. Millions of Americans recoiled at the thought, but the Left was persistent. Some cities gave into the agitators and reduced police budgets.

While all of that was happening, it became clear the US needed to do a better job strengthening its cities to prevent violence. But how are leaders supposed to do that?

Strengthening Security in American Cities

There are several ways leaders can make their cities nicer and safer places to live. None of the ideas involve taking money away from law enforcement agencies that protect Americans.

Increase Funding

The most obvious way to make a city safer is to strengthen its police departments. Instead of taking money away from these agencies, cities should allocate more funding. This could be used in several ways that would make both Liberals and Conservatives happy.

Departments will be able to hire more employees if they have increased funding. Putting more cops on the street is a great way to reduce crime. The agencies could also use the money to bolster training and keep problem recruits off of the payroll.

Develop a Robust Rapid Response Plan

When riots break out in cities or a major crime was committed, a city should have a rapid response team to tackle those issues. The team should comprise individuals who specialize in an area that could be helpful, like the medical staff. Say, for instance, there is an explosion, the members of the team could communicate in real-time and update one another.

Ask Officers to Build Relationships in the Community

Police officers don’t have to spend all of their time catching criminals. They should also spend time building relationships with members of the community. These relationships can be very helpful in solving and stopping crime. Community policing is proven effective.

All it takes is a little collaboration between community members to make a city safer and strengthen its security. Who doesn’t want that?

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