Student’s Messages Uncover Plans for Serious Attack in Mariemont

( – School shootings are all too common in the US. A shocking plot was reportedly uncovered in Ohio recently. The text messages that investigators found allegedly showed a teen was planning to kill teachers and students.

On February 7, officers with the Mariemont Police Department arrested a 14-year-old after allegedly uncovering a “credible plot to harm students and staff.” The FBI and Mariemont authorities spoke to witnesses about the alleged plot. After an investigation, they arrested the 14-year-old for conspiracy to commit aggravated murder. An out-of-state adult co-conspirator was also involved in the plot, authorities said.

WXIX reported that Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers said the two suspects devised the murder plot in January. Text messages on the teenager’s phone allegedly detailed some of the plans, including kidnapping “attractive” students at Mariemont High School to rape, and using gas at the school to kill other kids. One of the texts reportedly said they would have to attack the front office first, to neutralize the adults there.

The adult co-conspirator responded to the student, saying, “sounds like a plan. Make sure you bring a mask.”

Superintendent Steven Estepp, whose three children attend the high school, sent a message to families, telling them the teenage suspect admitted to police that he intended to kill people. He did not say whether the school district would take disciplinary action against the student.

During a news conference, Powers said that she believed the two intended to carry out the plot. She applauded the “bravery of a student and his family” for coming forward and reporting the suspect’s alleged plans.

The 14-year-old reportedly had a hit list that included a teacher and eight students. The prosecutor intends to try to charge the suspect as an adult, where he could face life in prison with the possibility of parole after 35 years.

Police didn’t release any information about the adult co-conspirator.

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