Students Tracked For COVID in Shocking Way

Students Tracked For COVID Tracing in Shocking Way

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted untold damage on America’s schoolchildren. Finally, after months of at-home learning, they have an opportunity to return to classroom studies in most school districts. However, a Washington high school appears to have gone beyond the call of duty in monitoring student activities, and some parents are furious.

Eatonville High School recently adopted the use of proximity monitors for high-contact outdoor sports and moderate-contact indoor activities. The school requires both students and coaches to wear the devices.

The proximity monitors track the distance between individuals wearing the devices using radio-based sensors. They also track how long people spend within close proximity of each other. If a student or coach tests positive for COVID-19, the school uses the tracker’s information to avoid having to quarantine an entire team.

The mother of a 15-year-old volleyball player spoke to local and national media outlets about the use of the device. A short time later, one of the school’s athletic directors approached the school board about the use of the monitors.

Matt Marshall, the head of the board, told reporters the board was halting the use of the monitors “until proper procedure including community input… occur.” At that time, the school board would consider granting formal approval for the monitors’ use.

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