Super Tuesday: So Much Drama

Super Tuesday: So Much Drama

( – Former Vice President Joe Biden came away the winner on Super Tuesday, despite a recent and strange claim that he’d been arrested in South Africa years ago and an inability to remember who his wife was:

The Rest of the Pack

Bernie Sanders and his promise to force socialist ideals on America as president were largely rejected. His supporters are trending on Twitter with #BernieorBust2020 and #RiggedDNC hashtags.

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign came up short (pun intended) and he called it quits. The former mayor of New York City spent hundreds of millions on his vanity project only to fail. He’ll now throw his money Biden’s way.

And, Elizabeth Warren is still hanging in there after spoiling Sanders’ path to victory.

Republican Results

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, easily won his primary. Although nobody is very shocked since his policies have been everything the Republican Party has wanted for decades. However, his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions discovered that his failures as AG meant the great state of Alabama was over him.

There are still states waiting to vote in their primary, like Florida and Ohio, but it seems as though the general election is going to be a Trump vs. Biden match-up.

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