Supreme Court Abruptly Decides That Protest Organizers Should Not Be Held Accountable For Violence

( – The Supreme Court weighed in on a case impacting potential accountability for protest organizers in a case involving a police officer injured during a Black Lives Matter protest in Louisiana.

A Baton Rouge police officer filed a lawsuit against DeRay McKesson for his role as an organizer of the 2016 event. A lower court ruled the case could proceed, and McKesson filed an appeal and lost in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The case reached the Supreme Court, and on November 3, the court issued an unsigned ruling on the matter. However, SCOTUS refused to address the underlying constitutional questions involved in the suit. Instead, it sent the case back to the lower court, asking it to review applicable Louisiana laws.

The case could impact the First Amendment rights of protest organizers in the future, depending on the lawsuit’s outcome. For the time being, it appears McKesson may escape legal consequences for his actions in this tragic event.

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