Supreme Court Blocks Cuomo’s Limits On Churches (REPORT)

( – The US Supreme Court handed down a scathing ruling against New York’s restrictions on houses of worship due to the COVID-19 pandemic in a recent ruling. 

Rules imposed by New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo limited religious service attendance based on the location, or zone, of the facility hosting the gathering. For instance, before the ruling, New York limited the number of attendees to 10 in areas designated as red zones and no more than 25 in orange zones.

However, as Justice Neil Gorsuch noted in his concurring opinion, citizens could shop at liquor stores, retail establishments and visit alternative health clinics. 

The court ultimately held that churches, synagogues, and other worship places could not be singled out for harsh restrictions not imposed on other public venues and services. 

With Gov. Cuomo threatening state-wide restrictions due to rising hospitalizations in a December 8 announcement, the Democratic leader will likely find himself in a difficult position with local businesses as well as Wall Street companies. Unlike the last time the state shut down, he won’t be able to single out religious services in violation of their First Amendment rights under the state’s new guidelines.  

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